The Beginning

by Benjamin Lipman

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Recorded at the Shalom House just outside of West Bend, WI, January 2012

for Marie


released April 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Benjamin Lipman Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: This Is Our Land
All I’ve been thinking about, for days, is about you.
I’ve been feeling the same way, since the first day I saw you.
You’re still keeping me up at night, just thinking about your touch, baby.
You know you’re the only one, I want with me, for that long walk.

So hop on the next plane
I know it seems insane
To take your hand in mine
And have you as my bride

Pardon my French, love

I want you to listen, to what I am saying, my love.
You’re giving me reasons, to keep on singing, these songs.
And I swear to God, love, you make me want to be a better man.
So won’t you take my hand, this is no foreign land, it’s our land.

Track Name: Lullaby
I was waiting for a long time,
to let some sunshine in my mind
You came up just like the sunrise
There’s fields of sun flowers in your eyes

Feel the lullaby- flying somewhere in the sky
Feel the lullaby- baby, be here, by and by

Dancing with you one and only
You move me with your melody
The band plays on until the morning
We’ll sleep in late, I’ll hold you tight

Feel the lullaby- while you feet move over the earth
Feel the lullaby- baby, be here, by and by

I lie with you until late morning
Where rivers of sun run down on us
We’ll float on down ol’ Sunshine River
Never once will we look back

Feel the lullaby- raining down on us
Feel the lullaby- baby, be here, by and by
Track Name: Stale Afternoons (Part II)
Stale afternoons
God knows, I got nothing to do, with these pictures of you
And I loved you, but this distance I’ll loose, the love from you
There’s nothing to do
Track Name: Burn Burn Burn
The house is lonely
The only sound the wind and trees
It seems that time here just stands still
And in the town here the people drive and they live in fear
Counting down the days until it all goes up in flames

Dark days about to explode
A volcano of love, love
Burn burn burn, internal flame
Now I know your name

When I’m sleeping
You’re the blanket that keeps me warm
You’re the fire that burns inside
And when I’m talking, you are who I’m talking to
Counting down the days until the wild fire begins

Cold nights about to explode
Hot lava of love, love
Burn burn burn, inside our bed
While I give you head

I was waiting for you all along
As days grew darker, my nights far gone
Just when I could not take it anymore
You showed up, and took me, and then turned me on
Track Name: In Your Kiss
Traveling down a hard road
That’s where I found my home
Didn’t know where I was
Now I know where I’ll go

I searched without looking
And that’s when I found you
You took what I was missing
The whole world in your kiss

Loved you then, love you now
When you’re near, when you’re far
Leave behind what is gone
And what is left is our song

I searched without looking
And that’s when I found you
You took what I was missing
The whole world in your kiss
Track Name: The Beginning
Im walking out, it's a new day
Leaving behind the pain
Take it all in, breath it all out
Just blow with the wind, begin
Keep my head up, way past the clouds
Cause I'm looking down, on this new day
I'm seeing you, I'm feeling everything
It's all new, because of you

Come join me here, up in this atmosphere
We'll leave behind all our doubt and fear
For each new day is another day
That we'll have for our love